About Us

Portable Scores is a small business that started in 2012. The original idea dates back to 2006 at a New Year’s party in a garage playing table tennis. We couldn’t keep track of the score or whose turn it was to serve, and we thought as engineers we could make something that worked. Other products were too specific for their sport, and way too expensive for recreational sports and hobbies.

We’ve developed a product that we are passionate about because we feel the pain, and we are extremely supportive of all recreational sports. We have a great team, and we’re excited to make sports more fun for everyone. We regularly take our scoreboards to games of all varieties and set it up and keep score and see how people react, and it’s always extremely positive. We always get comments like “oh, we’re going pro,” or “fancy,” or “we’re moving up.” People come to rely on the scoreboard, too, and everyone gets more engaged when they can all see it. We’ve seen a whole crowd yell out the final seconds of a game, and heaven help the scorekeeper that makes a mistake.

We are based out of Madison Wisconsin. Feel free to give us a holler if you want to talk to us about other things our customers have said, or if you’re interested in working with us.

Bob Baddeley

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Bob Baddeley earned an Honors Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University in 2004. He then started working at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington state for the next seven years, doing cutting edge research for the government.

He left the lab in 2011 to follow his passion with Portable Scores. Tired of forgetting the score, turn, and time, he built something that helps with all his sports. Bob lives in Madison, WI.

Sports: Ultimate Frisbee, Bicycling, Skydiving, Foosball, Skiing (snow), Hiking