Talking to Android phones

A couple days ago Google announced support for accessories attached to Android devices. These accessories are based on the Arduino platform. What does this mean for the scoreboard? It means that certain Android phones and tables can now be hooked up to the scoreboard to control it. We’re already working on an app for that so that you can plug the usb cable into your Android device and the scoreboard and use our Android app to adjust the score or time or whatever. We’re really excited about the potential with this new development, and we’re hard at work to make it happen.

Update June 9:

The app is really close. The UI works, but the USB accessory support is so new that the emulators can’t use it, and we don’t have any devices that are new enough to support it either. For now it runs alone, but as soon as we can, we’ll update it to work with the scoreboard.

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