Temp enclosure ready to go

A couple weeks ago I gave a presentation in which a venture capitalist, after hearing the presentation, asked to buy a unit. I still don’t have tooling done for the enclosure, so I had to design a new enclosure that could be laser printed. The temp enclosure fits around the test board perfectly, and is held together with super glue, which is a really good adhesive for acrylic. This temporary enclosure is slick, easy to cut and assemble, and works well. I’m less happy with the buttons, but I couldn’t find any better ones at the electronics market that would fit. This unit is now ready to go and I can continue working on the design of the real enclosure.

The construction of this unit was only a minor distraction, though, as it forced me to get a lot of work done on the firmware, get some more components of the hardware working better, and this temporary enclosure is a good backup design in case I need to produce units quickly between now and when I have the prettier version tooled and ready to go.

A rendering of the temporary enclosure

In construction. The paper is still on the acrylic.

The scoreboard assembled. Note that the arrows have been replaced with points, there's now a center dot for time, and the brightness of this display makes it hard to take good photos.

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