Frequently Asked Questions

How big is it?

Our goal is to make it portable, but large enough to read from across a field. That means it should fit in most backpacks. The board is 18″x10″x2″.

How long does the battery last?

That depends on how you use it and what battery packs you are using. Outside with the brightest setting and most of the digits on and using rechargeable AA batteries, you should get about 2-2.5 hours. With C batteries it’s about 6. You can hook a car battery up to it, but we stopped that test when we got extremely bored waiting for it to die.

Can you use it for…?

Absolutely. You’d be surprised how many different sports people play. We’ve designed this scoreboard to be used for just about every sport, and if you have one that doesn’t work with this, we want to know about it and all the crazy scoring rules you have. With modes for scoring and timing up and down, this should handle just about any use you can throw at it. Which is a great segue to the next question.

How rugged is it?

We do not condone throwing things at the scoreboard. It will not change the score in your favor. We know it’ll be in rough environments, and we’ve tried to design accordingly. You can be rough on it, but don’t try to. It’s water resistant, but not water proof. Impact resistant, but there are limits.

How will you support this product?

If you contact us, you will get the guys in charge. Bob Baddeley is the tech guy who is making and supporting all the units, and if you have a problem, he wants to know. He wants to know how it happened, and will do anything he can to fix it. Usually that means repairing your unit (he likes to take it apart and see how it failed and how to improve the design), but in extreme cases he may just replace it.

We built this for all the people and teams who play sports but don't have a big professional scoreboards. It's for tournaments, league sports, gyms, schools, and anyone who wants to get more involved and have more fun with their sports.
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