Returning from China

Portable Scores is back in the United States for now. There were some things that needed to be done in the States that couldn’t be done easily in China. Ironically, this included producing a quantity of prototypes. The Sector67 hackerspace in Madison, WI has all of the tools and resources necessary for a small volume run, and I had access to these tools and the ability to experiment with them that I couldn’t find in China, where I was expected to provide a completed CAD model and a wad of cash and hope the product would come out OK.

I will remain in the U.S. for a couple months to get the first batch of prototypes out to beta testers and do marketing and raise some funding and preorders for the first batch. Then I may be back in China to begin working with the factories to mass produce the scoreboard.

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We built this for all the people and teams who play sports but don't have a big professional scoreboards. It's for tournaments, league sports, gyms, schools, and anyone who wants to get more involved and have more fun with their sports.
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