Tiny tiny components

We are currently experimenting with increasing the range on the scoreboard remotes. Right now we have about 55 yards, which is just about the limit of readability of the scoreboard. That’s great. But at that range the remotes aren’t working fantastic; sometimes they miss button presses.

One of the tests involves putting external antennas on the remote controls and the scoreboards to see if the increased sensitivity buys us some more distance. To do that, I had to modify one of our wireless modules so that it would use the u.Fl connector instead of the chip antenna. And that meant rotating a component 90 degrees.

The component had to be rotated 90 degrees. This small part is .01x.02 inches in size.

The component had to be rotated 90 degrees. This small part is .01x.02 inches in size.

What you are looking at is the wireless module on a test remote, with a finger for scale. Just above the u.Fl connector is a tiny capacitor highlighted in a red box. I zoomed in with an inset to help a little more.

This component is sized 0201, which is industry speak for freaking tiny, and means .02x.01 inches. The tip of my soldering iron was larger than this component, and at one point I lost it in a small amount of solder. Fortunately I don’t have to deal with components this small very much.

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