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Tiny tiny components

We are currently experimenting with increasing the range on the scoreboard remotes. Right now we have about 55 yards, which is just about the limit of readability of the scoreboard. That’s great. But at that range the remotes aren’t working more »

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Behind the scenes of a Kickstarter project

Running a Kickstarter project is challenging. Your life is tied to a number that you have very little control over, and that number defines you for the next month. Every contribution sends an email to an inbox, which chirps to more »

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Request to product before noon the next day

We love our beta testers. They’ve given us great feedback, and have been real cheerleaders for our product. We recently heard from one of them, who said: For the most part, our experience with the scoreboard was very good. We more »

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Molding silicone

Around the outside of the DigiTally scoreboard is a rubber-like band. This band serves many purposes: Impact/scratch resistance Water resistance (seals a seam between the front and back Molded in buttons It looks AWESOME During the development, this has so more »

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Testing Everything

One of the reasons that product development takes so long is testing alternatives. You may see a product on shelves, but you won’t see the hundreds or thousands of alternatives that have been tried and tweaked before arriving at that more »

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Edge-lit company nameplates

As a weekend side project, and because I felt like improving company morale, and because my local hackerspace Sector67 has a laser cutter, and because I’ve recently been making LED strips to test different LEDs from alternative suppliers (that’s a lot more »

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Prototyping Circuit Boards

We’ve recently switched from IR remote controls to RF remote controls, giving us better range, better performance outdoors, and no longer requiring pointing the remote. In order to do this without printing all new and expensive circuit boards, we prototyped more »

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The first scoreboard

While digging around in my old photos, I came across photos of the first prototype of the scoreboard from 2006. It used a 16×20 frame, and we experimented with different finishes for the front.

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24 hour app

Recently Portable Scores participated in Build Madison, a weekend hackathon to build cool things. We brought a scoreboard and offered it to a team that could build a cool project that incorporates it. The DigiTally has Bluetooth and USB and more »

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Remote Progress

One of the biggest complaints with the scoreboard has been with the remote control. In fact, we’ve hated it ever since we started, but we had a few reasons for sticking with it. Lately, though, we’ve been working hard to more »

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We built this for all the people and teams who play sports but don't have a big professional scoreboards. It's for tournaments, league sports, gyms, schools, and anyone who wants to get more involved and have more fun with their sports.
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