24 hour app

Recently Portable Scores participated in Build Madison, a weekend hackathon to build cool things. We brought a scoreboard and offered it to a team that could build a cool project that incorporates it. The DigiTally has Bluetooth and USB and accessory switch ports, so integrating anything with it is pretty easy. Shannon had an idea for her gym to use the scoreboard to do interval training. In less than 24 hours, we built a pretty smartphone app that lets her control the intervals, then start and stop it and see the timing on the screen. Now she and her clients can all see the screen and concentrate on their workout instead of how much time is left.

Read a summary of the full event: http://www.capitalentrepreneurs.com/build-madison-recap-3/

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We built this for all the people and teams who play sports but don't have a big professional scoreboards. It's for tournaments, league sports, gyms, schools, and anyone who wants to get more involved and have more fun with their sports.
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